The decision

As if waking up before the sun and driving to class isn't bad enough, the morning traffic makes me late and there is no close parking. Bursting in to class, I realize there is no sneaking in quietly as the class is the size of a large janitor's closet and packed with 20 students. Squeezing in to the last open seat, I try to follow what our professor is saying, unfortunately he is only speaking in Spanish and I haven't had my caffeine for the day.

This is the only language class required for me to graduate in three months and i decided to put it off until my final semester of college. Unfortunately this means that I've not taken a Spanish class in almost four years, not an ideal position for an 8 am fourth semester Spanish class my last semester.

Thinking about what a horrible idea this was, I am yanked out of my semi-meditative state by the entire class turning to look at me. Like a deer in the head lights I look to our professor who repeats his pregunta. Realizing he is asking for my introduction I blurt my name and major, in English. Oops.

And that's how I came to the conclusion that I need to refresh my espanol prior to taking a class that results in a possible blow to my GPA and self-esteem.

So now I am on a journey to re-learn Spanish quickly and for free. Google "learn Spanish" and there are a million different resources on-line. Some are useful, others are worthless. This semester I plan to weed out the poor resources and share great finds for learning another language for free.


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